Sound Designer

Sound Design Reel 2020

Resume (Sound Designer)[Dia, FX, Foley, BG, and ADR Editor unless noted otherwise]

Say Goodbye to Hollywood(2021)
-Independent Feature Film, Thriller
Baby Don't Cry(2021)
-Independent Feature Film, Romantic Drama

Fun-Sized Trouble (2021)
-Independent Short Film, Absurdist Comedy

Postpartum (2021)
-Independent Short Film, Thriller

Ill Will (2020)
-Independent Short Film, Family Drama
Unannounced Transported Audio Project
(2020) [Dialogue Editor and Sound Mixer]
The Caretaker (2020)
-Independent Short Film, Mystical-Realism Drama
Time Again
-USC Graduate Thesis, Time Travel Comedy
Rated R (in progress/paused for COVID)
-USC Graduate Thesis, 80's Cartoon Style Comedy
Catastrophizing (2020)
-Independent Short, Relationship Thriller
The Take Him Out Special
-Independent Short, Absurdist Comedy
Dr. Scotty's Intergalactic Motel and Cafe
 (2020) -Television Pilot, space adventure comedy Second Parent (2020) -Independent Short Film, LGTB Family Drama The GateKeeper (2019)*** -USC Thesis Film, War Drama and Psychological Thriller The First Color (2019) *** -Independent Short Film, ALS rare disease Drama Elephant (2019) [Sound Effects Editor] -Independent Short Film, Psychological Thriller Up to this Point (2019) -Independent Short Film, Relationship Thriller Lost in My Head (2019) -Music Video, Pop The Melody Within Me (2019) -APCA Short Film, Psychological Thriller Say, Yes! (2019)*** -Music Video, Comedy Practice Funeral (2019)*** -USC Thesis Film, Cancer rare disease Drama The Crash (2018) -Independent Short Film, Crime Drama/Comedy PANE (2018) -USC Short Film, Drama -*** = Award Winning Resume (Re-Recording Mixer) Practice Funeral (2019) The Melody Within Me (2019)